Logos Fund

Logos Fund is the World’s First Blockchain Mining Fund.

As a special alternative investment product, the fund is Bafin-certified and offers a diversified investment in cryptocurrencies and blockchain mining infrastructure.

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Logos FundPortfolio company

Logos Capital GmbH is a Munich-based capital management company, which was established in June 2016 by the co-founders of Genesis Mining and highly experienced lawyers.

The fund offers a certified and diversified cryptocurrency product (coins and mining hardware) to professional investors and is managed by a highly experienced structuring team. Following a balanced investment strategy, the structuring team has made it its mission to create a predictable investment opportunity with reliable returns from underlying volatile assets.

  • Bafin-certified and audited special-AIF product investing in cryptocurrencies and mining infrastructure
  • Professional and experienced management team (combined experience > 20 years) following a calculated and balanced investment strategy
  • German limited partnership, open to professional and semi-professional investors only
  • Investment opportunity in next-generation technologies and high-performance data centers
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