Genesis Cloud

Genesis Cloud offers hardware accelerated cloud computing for machine learning, visual effects rendering, big data analytics, storage and cognitive computing services to help organizations scale their application faster and more efficiently.

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The roots of Genesis Cloud are in GPU hardware accelerated computing, cryptocurrency, and blockchain services. They utilize some of the largest GPU data centers in the world, fused with modern infrastructure for a wider range of applications.

The core product is a public computing cloud providing secure, scalable and highly automated platform where users can run their software and models focused on accelerated computing services such as Deep Learning (DL), Computer Generated Image (CGI) Rendering, Video Transcoding & Encoding, High Performance (HPC) and scientific computations.

  • Partnerships with semiconductor companies like AMD (Advanced Micro Devices Inc.)
  • Professional team with long term experience in the cloud computing industry
  • One of the best service providers for cloud computing in terms of cost-efficiency and reliability
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